PixMover enables the fastest on-premise, across town, and around the world data delivery - with significant savings, maximum flexibility, scalability, and ease of use.
Upload, Download and Move files Faster and Less Expensively than Ever Before
PixMover optimizes how users store, collaborate on, transfer, and manage data. Around the enterprise, across metro WANs, Point to Point, to AWS S3, AWS Snowball, Wasabi, and private clouds – PixMover enhances operational workflows, improves worker performance, and increases customer satisfaction.
PixMover™ Benefits
Benefit from an On-Demand and Scalable Business Model that Flexes with Deadline Needs
  • No need for annual WAN network optimization software costs.
  • Alternative to expensive multi-year leased line cost.
  • Avoids the need for additional network or infrastructure investment.
  • Savings of 50-80% for on premise or cloud storage, transfer and egress costs with, Pixspan's Bit Exact Round Trip technology for high resolution images/videos.
PixMover™ Benefits
Realize these benefits regardless of how often you transfer, how long your transfer takes, or what file format your data is in. PixMover is not only the least expensive data movement engine, it's also the fastest.
PixMover Provides Rapid Access to Critical or Time Sensitive Data, When it Matters
Depending on the application, combine PixMover with Pixspan's CloudMover for greater time and financial savings around the world:
  • Allows real time access to large file-based workflows by assembling data rapidly from wherever it may be -- supporting faster and more inclusive collaboration and follow the sun workflows.
  • Now work can be done around the globe, optimizing for quality and specialized talent and reducing or eliminating wait times
  • Enables fast and reliable data deliveries of any size files internally or with global trading partners within hours. Shorter time frames mean greater worker productivity, higher partner/customer satisfaction, and more time spent on the work, not transporting it
  • Scales the network by linking on premise locations without long-term contracts or long lead times for provisioning, resulting in greater enterprise wide flexibility, lower costs, and efficiency
  • Fastest way to transfer high resolution images, and with Pixspan Bit Exact Round Trip compression, 100% assurance and validation that every bit is delivered, while saving 50-80% on storage and networking costs
  • In combination with VDrive PixMover is the only system that supports full resolution 4K-8K workflows on premise at real time speeds on workstations that previously only supported 2K
PixMover™ Benefits
PixMover is not only Fast, it's Scalable
PixMover moves data rapidly among storage volumes on premise and to and from Cloud storage using massive parallelization and file optimization techniques.
It is designed as a scalable software system, capable of running on computer infrastructure from the smallest laptop to a high-end server, extending capabilities of existing hardware. Choose the hardware platform you need to match the throughput requirements of your workflow.
PixMover Solutions for a Variety of Challenges
Customers are taking advantage of Pixspan's innovative portfolio of on-premise and cloud products in new ways every day. Here are just some of PixMover applications:
  • High Speed Data Mover for Local and Metro WAN – Data movement among on premise storage volumes and between facilities that are across town.
  • For Local Storage – Ultra high-performance copy engine for online/nearline/archive as well as storage optimization. Works with media access management, storage tiering applications, or other workflows using the PixMover REST API.
  • For Cloud Loading/Unloading – High speed data movement to the Cloud, Ingress/Egress. Supports nearline in the Cloud for backup/geo-redundant storage. Staging data in the Cloud for Cloud processing or delivering projects to other companies in the Cloud.
  • For Point to Point over AWS – Data transfer between any two locations or multiple locations via the Cloud.
For more detailed information and technical specifications as well as use cases and diagrams on how PixMover can be used:
  • Up to the Cloud via Direct Connect
  • Up to the Cloud via Snowball Edge
  • Point to Point Transfers
  • On Premise between storage tiers
  • Across Metro WANs
  • Digital Intermediate and Camera Raw image formats specifically supported for Bit Exact Round Trip
  • Download the Data Sheet
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Global WAN Transfer