Pixspan Enters Strategic Agreement With Post Logic In France
Alliance Expands Pixspan's Reach Into Europe
Rockville, MD - Pixspan, Inc., the leading workflow technology company for storage and bandwidth challenges of full-resolution images, today announced a strategic reseller partnership with Post Logic of France. The company is the first in France to offer Pixspan solutions, which provide a 50-80% savings on storage and networking when the software is applied to full resolution workflows. Post Logic is France's leading distributor of software and integrated systems for video post production, film, broadcast, and 3D animation.
As a result of the agreement, Post Logic now offers Pixspan's software storage solutions and enhancements to Autodesk's Flame® family of products, including Flame®, Lustre®, Flame® Assist, and Flare™. Post Logic also can combine Pixspan with other technology solutions to save its customers storage and network costs across the entire imaging chain, from on-set though post and final assets.
"We are pleased to offer Pixspan's software solutions," said Gérard Bonnet, Général Manager of Post Logic. "We continue to look for innovative media workflow technologies and appreciate the additional flexibility that Pixspan offers as a subscription service, replacing the need for permanent equipment decisions. As content creators take on larger 4K and 6K projects, customers can expand their resources as needed with Pixspan."
As file sizes keep growing across the marketplace due to higher resolutions and dynamic range, Pixspan's software products offer significant workflow savings of speed, time and resources. For companies with mission critical needs for storage, network, and transmission of full-resolution imaging, Pixspan can greatly reduce the data burden and enhance productivity - without compromising image quality.
"We are excited that Post Logic, with its wide range of quality solutions for the film, broadcast, and animation markets, is offering Pixspan's products to their customers," said Michael Rowny, CEO of Pixspan. "We look forward to working with Post Logic on new workflow solutions, including those recently introduced with our partner, Autodesk."
About Pixspan
Pixspan is a workflow technology company offering unique software products that reduce storage costs and increase transmission speeds of full-resolution media, medical, and surveillance imaging. Its software covers all bit depths and resolutions of EXR, DPX, TIFF, Cineon, and ARRIRaw, while remaining bit exact. Currently, Pixspan is the only company providing a solution that enables full-resolution workflows beginning from camera RAW, to image processing, and through to final assets. For more information, visit www.pixspan.com.
About Post Logic
Post Logic distributes a complete range of software and integrated systems for post production in video, film, 3D animation and broadcast. The company offers software solutions for the entire image processing chain, including management of rushes and DI, film restoration, encoding, storage, special effects compositing, 3D, DCP and graphic design, as well as hardware systems suitable for the graphics chain, such as workstations, render farms, secure direct-attached, NAS and SAN storage, networking, monitoring and HD UHD play-out. For more information, visit www.post-logic.com
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