PixMover™ provides enterprises and public sector organizations the fastest, simplest, and lowest cost solution for on-premise and cloud data transfers
8/18/2020 9:12:43 AM EDT
Rockville, MD. - Pixspan, Inc., the software company with the fastest and easiest data acceleration capabilities for moving any type of large data files on-premise and to, from, and within the cloud, today announced that its PixMover™ software now provides multi-cloud support for public cloud and private cloud, including Amazon AWS S3 and Snowball, Microsoft Azure, Wasabi, and Wasabi Ball, all within a single solution.
PixMover optimizes how users store, collaborate on, transfer, and manage data, and offers unique on-premise data solutions for full-resolution video and images. Pixspan's software products accelerate and enhance cloud and on-premise workflows, offering unprecedented savings in time, storage and infrastructure costs. Now, with multi-cloud support in a single solution, PixMover provides companies with maximum flexibility to choose the cloud of their choice, all without requiring specialized knowledge or an expert skillset in any of the cloud platforms.
Commenting on multi-cloud capabilities, Roy Taylor, chief executive officer of Ryff; Chairman Sponsorship Committee, BAFTA Los Angeles; and Chairman Emeritus, Infinity Film Festival, said: "Beyond being a flexible way to scale up computing and storage resources, the Cloud is unlocking new ways of doing business never before possible, including matching the best talent worldwide with the best technology. It is now possible to access applications from several Cloud providers, for ultimate flexibility."
Industries, enterprises and the public sector are seeking ways to take advantage of the benefits of emerging cloud capabilities, however, there are still significant technology, skilled resources, and financial hurdles to overcome when trying to move or store data sets larger than a Terabyte.
"Our industry-leading multi-cloud solution is essentially a superhighway for data transfer," said Michael Rowny, chairman and chief executive officer of Pixspan. "PixMover eliminates gridlock by allowing more data traffic on the network and is the ideal alternative to the high cost of acquiring more equipment or upgrading network infrastructure. Further, with multi-cloud support and easy to use drag-and-drop functionality, our customers don't need to be experts in all of the cloud platforms in order to move their data in and out of the cloud, which is a tremendous benefit."
In addition to speed, PixMover provides ease-of-use with a very intuitive Web user interface. All files can be staged, managed and transferred quickly and efficiently to Azure, AWS and Wasabi clouds, all from a single pane of glass. This enables companies to deliver work more rapidly across the supply chain or to the end customer. In addition, Pixspan provides significant cost savings of 50 to 80 percent for storage and egress when our Bit Exact Roundtrip™ lossless compression is used for full resolution images and video. Bit Exact Roundtrip is especially helpful for Media and Entertainment, Government, Medical, Satellite and Surveillance industries who have limited bandwidth and require 100% lossless compression on their data transfers to the cloud. PixMover is designed as a scalable software system, capable of running on computer infrastructure from the smallest laptop to a high-end server, extending capabilities of existing hardware.
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Pixspan (https://www.pixspan.com) provides the fastest and easiest data acceleration for moving large data files of any type and size on-premise and to, from, and within the Cloud, globally and on demand. Pixspan's software products accelerate and enhance Cloud and On-Premise workflows, offering unprecedented savings in time, storage and infrastructure costs.
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