Pixspan Releases VDrive on Linux and Mac
12/11/2018 11:00:00 AM EDT
Pixspan Releases VDrive on Linux and Mac—Expanding the Number of Platform Integrations Serving Studios and Post Production Houses
Bringing 50-80% Savings in Storage and Infrastructure
Pixspan, a leading data acceleration software provider enhancing Cloud and On-Premise Workflows, releases VDrive on Linux and Mac.
The VDrive application allows IT departments to design high resolution creative workflows with tremendous efficiencies in network and storage operations. These capabilities allow 4K/6K workflows to be built using low-cost NAS storage over 10 Gbps networks, which presents the most cost effective and highest quality option for post processing operations. Creative artists benefit by being able to operate exactly as if they were working on full sized files. Geographically distributed workflows are also benefited by VDrive, as the underlying content can be moved 2X to 5X faster between locations.
Today, Pixspan implements VDrive for both Linux and Mac platforms. VDrive supports workflows based on the following industry standard formats (other file types are handled transparently):
  • Digital Intermediate - DPX, Cineon, OpenEXR, TIFF, SGI, PPM
  • Camera Raw - ARRIRaw, Panasonic Varicam Raw, Canon c500 Raw
Pixspan solutions extend the life of existing infrastructure and maximize throughput from existing bandwidth while offering speed, efficiency, savings and exceptional value for all key stakeholders involved in the media workflow. VDrive is a cost-effective alternative to expensive storage and network upgrades.
The patented Pixspan algorithms preserves 100% of the fidelity of the image, while providing creative users with a seamless real time bit-exact full resolution work environment. There is no competitive solution on the marketplace offering this quality of 'mathematically lossless' compression, including both the image raster data as well as the metadata.
To receive more information, please contact Pixspan at: info@pixspan.com, or visit the VDrive Page.
About Pixspan
Pixspan provides the fastest data acceleration for moving large data files forms of any type and size to, from and within the Cloud as well as offers unique On-Premise solutions for moving full-resolution video and images. Pixspan’s software products accelerate and enhance Cloud and On-Premise Workflows, offering unprecedented savings in time, storage and infrastructure costs. Visit us at http://www.pixspan.com/.
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