The Pixspan Story
What We Do
Pixspan products offer the industry’s best, fastest, and most effective and efficient compression, storage, transmission solutions for high-resolution video and images through Pixspan's
Bit Exact Round Trip™
compression technology – reliably and securely. Pixspan products are available for temporary use, including cloud, monthly, and annual plans.
Through millions of tested images and videos, Pixspan offers the only truly mathematically lossless, 100% Bit Exact compression of high-fidelity images.
Our software effortlessly and seamlessly works with commercial, off-the-shelf hardware, operating systems, network accelerators, and with workflow integration – and handles all file types, sizes, bit-depths and color planes.
Who We Are
Pixspan is an industry-leading provider of unique, full-resolution workflow software.
Pixspan offers unique software products that reduce storage costs and increase transmission speeds of full-resolution media, entertainment, medical, and surveillance imaging.
Our software covers all bit depths and resolutions of OpenEXR, DPX, TIFF, Cineon, SGI, PPM, ARRIRaw, Canon Raw, Panasonic Varicam Raw, and DICOM, while remaining bit-exact to the original image.
Currently, Pixspan is the only company providing a solution that enables full resolution, lossless workflows - beginning from camera RAW, to image processing, through to final asset.
We are based in Rockville, Maryland with offices in California.
Why We Do It
Welcome to the new digital Big Bang: the explosion of more video and image files than ever before -- and the costs and pressure on resources that go with it.
Study after study has shown that more images and videos are being used and stored than ever before, and that trajectory is going to grow massively in the coming decade.
This places an enormous amount of resource pressure on existing IT systems, IT personnel, transfer and storage software, and hardware technologies.
Parallel to the expansion of products and the storage needed to handle it are the massive costs associated with file management and storage. Companies shouldn’t have to choose between cutting costs and cutting production.
Pixspan’s technology and solutions were developed to help our partners meet these challenges…
World of data is exploding…
More devices are recording more volume of images and video than ever before at a higher degree of resolution.
Image and recording technology is advancing by leaps and bounds…
New video and still cameras are advancing at break-neck speed, producing data files that are larger and more complex.
More and more industries are relying on image and video compression, transmission and storage…
CCTV and surveillance video is in bigger demand at the consumer, corporate and government levels - health care relies more and more on high-resolution images for faster and more accurate diagnoses - the media and entertainment industry is being driven to produce products that are more precise and with a higher degree of artistic sophistication and value - and consumers are pushing brands for technology to do the same in the ‘prosumer’ marketplace.
The “Lossless” factor is a breaking point…
The element of preserving the highest standard of quality and integrity is mission-critical - while many companies claim to break apart, transmit, then reassemble images and video to their original framework, none have proven to be able to do so at a ‘lossless’ level of exactitude.
Speed, cost, and resources are rising challenges…
Capturing, compressing, transmitting and storing high-resolution images and video are becoming massive challenges from the consumer level to the enterprise level globally – causing speed barriers, huge budget pressures, and impacting workforces.
How We Do It
Pixspan offers the industry’s best, fastest, and most effective and efficient compression, storage, transmission solutions for high-resolution video and images through unique and proprietary bit-exact compression technologies – reliably and securely.
Through millions of tested images and videos, Pixspan offers the only truly lossless compression of high-fidelity products in industries such as: media and post-production; medical imaging; surveillance; and the prosumer market.
Our software effortlessly and seamlessly works with commercial, off-the-shelf hardware, operating systems (Linux), network accelerators, and with workflow integration – and handles all file types, sizes, bit-depths and color planes.
What Are the Benefits
Pixspan provides an integrated and combined solution at unparalleled speeds, superior storage and transmission savings, and can enable faster and cheaper uploads to the cloud - with substantial savings on storage and transfers within the cloud.
A transfer that now takes three days can take only a day and a half with Pixspan technology…and send twice the number of frames in a three-day time period.
Double transmission speeds. Cut storage costs in half. Double transmission bandwidth. All while maintaining the full artistic and technical integrity and fidelity of images and videos.
Pixspan: We enable the full resolution workflow…
These are just some of the reasons why Pixspan is selected as a strategic partner:
  • Always bit-exact and 100% lossless, retaining original fidelity and artistic quality
  • Improved workflows
  • Higher compression ratio than alternative methods by ~50%
  • Significantly faster than other methods: 3-6X less computing resources
  • Reduces LAN/WAN bandwidth and storage by ~60%
  • Handles the largest data sets practically
  • Fully seamless, scalable and full integration with existing platforms
  • Quicker, cheaper cloud uploads and parking
  • Handles multi-plane formats, including special effects workflows and integer and floating point formats
  • Millions of images tested across wide variety of image/video-intensive industries
  • Simple licensing program
  • Critical to on-ramping high-fidelity images to the cloud
Who We Serve
Pixspan is uniquely qualified and equipped to serve industries where bit-exact, full-resolution workflows are essential components of a rapidly expanding business that is constantly adjusting to the demands of breakthrough digital technologies…
Target industries include entertainment/media and post-production; medical imaging; defense/military; surveillance; and the prosumer market.
Pixspan is a powerful tool for Media and Entertainment workflows to control the ever-increasing data footprint of video and images. Hollywood is in the process of transitioning from 2K to 4K (a quadrupling of size), while camera manufacturers are beginning to release even higher resolution cameras, like the Alexa 65 6K camera.
Additionally, High Frame Rate (HFR) and High Dynamic Range (HDR) are additional multipliers on the footprint of a project, leading to significant cost increases as well as storage and transmission challenges. Pixspan compression reigns in storage costs and transmission times, all while exactly preserving the creative intent of the filmmaker.
Innovation in medical imaging is advancing rapidly. Medical CT Scanners, MRI Machines, and Biopsies Slide Scanners are now producing digital images at much higher resolutions and include many more “slices” per study. This is driving higher data storage and transmission requirements, in an environment of reducing healthcare costs. Also, these image sets are being accessed electronically, often from storage in the cloud. Pixspan provides Bit Exact Round Trip™ compression technology solutions to upload images to the cloud or transmit them point-to-point quicker and more economically.
Pixspan compression works on the medical industry’s DICOM format across all bit depths and color plane configurations (gray-scale and multiple color planes). Pixspan stores and restores images without any loss of data fidelity.
Satellites and aerial platforms are generating tremendous amounts of image data in ongoing global surveillance applications. This data typically needs to be stored for later sampling and analysis, and fidelity of this data is of utmost importance. Digital images must also be instantly accessible to a distributed network of human and computer analysts, and organizations are increasingly using cloud storage as a distribution point.
With images that are multiple-gigabyte in size, moving this data around the network is challenging and expensive. Pixspan addresses these applications with software that reduces the burden on on-site storage, helps upload images to the cloud, and facilitates network distribution to end-users. Pixspan supports multi-spectral formats of GeoTIFF, and works on the largest images that are being produced by today’s surveillance technologies.
Pixspan reduces cloud storage costs, which makes archiving in the cloud a very cost effective option.
The latest advancements in Digital Photography have exploded the storage and transmission requirements in the Prosumer market. Higher resolutions, High Dynamic Range (HDR), and faster shutter speeds are creating larger image sizes, and more images per second. The marketplace is also demanding that the full resolution of the image is accessible so that cropping, zooming, and image manipulation is supported at the highest quality levels. Additionally, the destination for these images is increasingly cloud-based, which poses challenges in the transmission time. Pixspan addresses all of these issues.
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