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Pixspan’s PixMover™ is a software product that provides the Bit Exact Round Trip™ technology for encoding and decoding full resolution image storage, saving typically 50-80% of storage and networking resources. PixMover™ stores smaller encoded versions of images, and then restores those images when they are needed. The restored images are bit-exact replicas of the original images. Pixspan-encoded images are also native to the Autodesk Flame products, so PixMover™ can be used to save space in Online File Systems for frames that Artists are Importing into Flame Applications.
Data Sheet
PixMover Data Sheet Thumbnail
File Format Support
PixMover™ works on Digital Intermediate and Camera Raw images that, in many environments, are responsible for occupying the majority of space on the File Systems. The formats that are supported are:
  • DPX
  • Cineon
  • OpenEXR
  • TIFF
  • PPM
  • SGI
  • ARRIRaw
  • Panasonic Varicam Raw
  • Canon c500 Raw
Product Operations
Pixspan PixMover™ supports the following operations to move image files quickly and safely:
  • Compress Copy and Restore Copy, which is useful for making backup copies that use up less resources that the original images, but preserves 100% of the fidelity of the Images.
  • Copy Move and Restore Move, which supports temporarily parking of a Project on Nearline storage to free up fast Online resources.
  • Compress-in-Place and Restore-in-Place, which helps the Administrator manage Projects and Online resources.
Pixspan PixMover™ can be operated both through a REST Interface for custom Automation or through the Web-based Graphical User Interface.
User Interface
The user interface for Pixspan’s PixMover™ enables a variety of functions by mouse drag-and-drop, buttons, and pull-down menus:
  • Drag/Drop File Tree Movement
  • Prioritize Jobs
  • Manage Ownership/Permission Settings
  • View Thumbnails of Encoded Images
  • Control File System Max Loads by Time of Day
  • Delayed Start Time for Jobs
  • View Job Status (track by Job Initiator)
  • Logging Information for Issue Investigation
  • Multiple Roles/Capabilities Supported (Auditor, Data Wrangler, Administrator)
The following screen shot illustrates the File Movement interface:
PixMover™ New Job Screen
Projects progress can be monitored with the following interface:
PixMover™ Dashboard
Performance and Processor Requirements
Pixspan’s Licensing allows the user to scale performance to meet the requirements of the Applications and the File Systems employed. For example, encode/decode speeds can be licensed to meet the following data throughput capabilities:
  • >80 Mbytes/sec for i7 4 Core Server (8 virtual cores)
  • >320 Mbytes/sec for dual E5-2690 processors (16 physical, 32 virtual cores)
  • >400 Mbytes/sec for dual E5-2687 v3 processors (20 physical, 40 virtual cores) up to 60 fps for 2K images, or 15 fps for 4K images
Pixspan works both on single servers and on “stacked” servers to distribute the processing across servers. Pixspan licenses are available for 30 days, 90 days, and 360 days.
Sales and Support
Sales and support are available from authorized resellers. Contact Pixspan for a list of Resellers in your area.
Bit Exact Round Trip in the Cloud
Pixspan’s PixMover™ is also available as a Cloud Service. This enables the user to save on recurring storage fees by encoding and decoding image files Bit Exact to storage in the Cloud. For further information, please contact sales@pixspan.com.
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